Custom Shipping Containers

ASV Shipping Containers

Shipping containers.  We’ve all seen them.  Some as storage pods, some on the back of trucks or trains, some as modern housing, and some as beautifully built out mobile marketing experiences.

ASV Shipping Containers America's CupAnd they’re really great for that, right?  They’re easy to transport, they’re painless to set up, great in all kinds of weather, incredibly solid, they last forever and can always be modified again to give them new life.  They’re kinda perfect actually!

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ASV Cadillac Championship 2014 - 2

Floating Cars

Watching people notice that a car is sitting effortlessly on top of a small lake for the first time is always a fun experience.  There’s that quick moment of disbelief, that flash of confusion that washes over people’s faces as they literally question their own sanity, followed by a widening of the eyes and the usual “Whoa!”

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