Custom Shipping Containers

ASV Shipping Containers

Shipping containers.  We’ve all seen them.  Some as storage pods, some on the back of trucks or trains, some as modern housing, and some as beautifully built out mobile marketing experiences.

ASV Shipping Containers America's CupAnd they’re really great for that, right?  They’re easy to transport, they’re painless to set up, great in all kinds of weather, incredibly solid, they last forever and can always be modified again to give them new life.  They’re kinda perfect actually!

ASV Shipping Container SAP

We’ve customized and activated several really fun container projects over the past couple years and continue to do so.  Among others, we refurbished 4 recycled shipping containers and completely built them out for the Lexus sponsor display at the 2013 America’s Cup in San Francisco, which not only allowed us to create a very unique activation space, but paired with a wind turbine, reclaimed wood and several other environmentally conscious measures, allowed us to surpass our clients desire to have a zero carbon footprint exhibit in one of the greenest cities in the country.

ASV Shipping Container Lexus CyclingSo whether you want a touring display, a mobile interactive environment or a pop-up shop . . . dream big!  Anything is possible, and we’re here to help make it so.

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