Floating Cars

ASV Cadillac Championship 2014 - 2

Watching people notice that a car is sitting effortlessly on top of a small lake for the first time is always a fun experience.  There’s that quick moment of disbelief, that flash of confusion that washes over people’s faces as they literally question their own sanity, followed by a widening of the eyes and the usual “Whoa!”

Floating cars isn’t exactly what it sounds like, while some actual floating does take place during the set up process, it’s really a “smoke & mirrors” effect that involves getting the bottom of the tires to line up exactly with the top of the lake.  It’s precision, it’s risky, and it looks like magic.

We’ve been floating cars for over 20 years, primarily at golf events, and pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve never lost one.  We designed and built our proprietary system ourselves, which allows us to adjust every angle of the vehicle until it levels out perfectly.  Often sitting in 15’-20’ of water, our system is built to be expandable while incredibly stable.


That said, the entire process is no easy feat.  Not only do we have to take the utmost care of the vehicles, but we also have to be very delicate with the bottom liner of the, more often than not, man made lake.  Golf course lakes are usually the source of irrigation for the greens, so a hole in the lakebed liner could mean very bad things.

Early every morning, long before the event begins, we have to go back out there to re-level the vehicles; between irrigation and evaporation the water level on a lake can change daily, so the cars need to move with it.  We also wash the cars every day to undo the well-crafted work of the birds and erase any water stains.

All in all it’s a crazy process, but that’s partly why we love it.  So if anyone ever tells you that cars can walk on water, you tell them to talk to us!  We’ll set ‘em straight.


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