3 Engagement Metrics That Highlight Experiential Campaign Success

Experiential Marketing Metrics

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by Adrian Si Director, Marketing Strategy When a customer prepares to purchase, there’s more than price or convenience on their minds — they’re debating whether they want to fully commit to your brand. The more positive feelings a customer associates with your brand, the more likely that purchase will come to fruition. According to a Statistica survey, 93 percent of consumers … Read More

Why Logistics Is the Real MVP of Any Experiential Campaign

Logistics and Experiential Marketing

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by Jenn Cringoli Account Director When an experiential campaign soars, few people remember the logistics. Attendees focus on the event’s buzz, the overall atmosphere, and how the experience made them feel. They remember the vivid scenery and the engagement components. Many marketers overlook the coordination necessary to pull such an experience together. Logistics — i.e., scheduling, staffing, and venue management … Read More

Build an Experiential Campaign That Engages Your Audience

An Experiential Campaign That Engages Your Audience

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by Sammy Bliss Executive Director It’s no surprise that experiential marketing’s popularity has grown. According to an Event Marketer/Mosaic study, 85 percent of consumers buy from a brand after attending one of its events or participating in one of its experiences. On top of that, the same study found that 91 percent of respondents said that positive brand experiences left … Read More